Expressing our emotional power

One of the highest manifestations of human activity is art. Through art, human beings can interpret reality or create imaginaries using different types of resources: dance, drama, music, painting, sculpture, and literature. It has been scientifically proven that the study of the fine arts from an early age promotes in the human being a sensitivity that leads them to the development of solid ethics in their adult life.

The Talent Show

The students of all the three sections of GCB: Preschool, Primary and Secondary, present the learned and practiced skills in our year-round show calendar. Preschool does and presents a end of term showcase in front of all their families and loved ones. Primary organizes and presents Open Classes year round showing all the learned artistic skills. Finally, in Secondary, students can join our arts and music extracurricular club and participate in the GCB Talent Show either by acting, dancing, singing, playing one or several instruments, designing the sets or, why not, all of them!!!